CRUNCHY LEAVES : The perfect playlist for your tea-sippin', apple-pickin', cozy sock-wearing' self. Click here, press play, light up some candles (or light up some other stuff). Then relax + enjoy. Playlist expertly compiled by OTL contributor and all around awesome human, Stephan Young.

Featuring tracks from SZA, Mac Ayers, St. Vincent, Miguel, Beck, ODESZA, Lorde, NAO + more.



Do you like? Be sure to follow Stephan on Spotify + listen to more of his 2017 playlists. They live here and have the best names : Rain Delay, Cold Snap, Flannel :)

Charity Bracelets - June 2017

We have two bracelets available in the shop this month that are tied to a few fantastic non-profits and foundations! 50% of the sales of each bracelet will be donated directly to the causes below.

The first is the Surf Bracelet - Pride Edition. Proceeds from the sale of this bracelet go to the Trevor Project.

Read more about and shop the bracelet here!

The 2nd is the Serpent Bracelet - IBD Awareness. 50% of the sales of this bracelet will go to the Crohn's and Colitis foundation of America.

Shop the bracelet and learn more here!


Both bracelets are limited edition and will only be available until June 30th, midnight EST. Grab yourself a bracelet today, show your support and help a further a great cause :)

OTL featured on the Renegade Craft Fair Blog


I've been fortunate enough to get to travel often during the year for craft shows, selling On the Lookout jewelry and accessories. On of my favorite shows - Renegade Craft Fair - pops up in a myriad of cities around the US and abroad and is constantly adding new ones to the list! This year I've traveled to Chicago, Miami and San Francisco to be a part of their shows. Not only does it allow me to share my jewelry to new customers, it also allows me to explore a new place, visit a museum or two, take a hike and it connects me with a whole new community of makers! I am so grateful to the team behind the fair and was super psyched when they asked to feature OTL on the RCF blog!

Head on over to Renegade Craft Fair blog to read the interview!

hello 2017

2017, hey girl ••• you will be a year of all out growth and breaking out of my shell w a much anticipated swift kick from these size 10s 👟💥



the majority of 2016 was spent in a self-imposed hibernation of sorts. I needed to reset and get grounded. I had to humble myself, ask for tons help and create a stable foundation within myself. outside looking in, this must have seemed very antisocial, overly introverted and maybe kind of rude.

however, unexplained time to myself was so needed. surrounded by a thick, unquestioning cloud of support, I buried myself so deep. total inward focus, to get my wandering mind right, calm a pervasive anxiety and to gain perspective. I worked, slept and ate. I moved back 'home' and lived rent free! I got lots of mom hugs :) and I fell in love :)

around late summer my comfy little spot started to get kinda dark. dark and lonely ... safe but oh so limiting - the need to reach upwards was creeping out.

so, now, w my metaphorical roots firmly planted (within my own evolving, but more solid sense of self) and after almost a decade of tumble-weeding from space to space, I feel ready for abundant growth. no resolutions, just a different approach to being : a lighter, more honest + expressive self, that came ONLY after slowing down and rediscovering my voice.

perhaps this is your year of supermassive growth or taking a giant leap! or maybe, like me on Jan 1, 2016, you came crave a start from scratch, time to find your footing. whatever it is you're working towards, just remember that success looks wildly different for everyone at every time. even in my somewhat boring, workaholic past year, I knocked off some pretty impressive goals that I'm excited to share w you all, along w all of the upcoming stuffs that go into running this tiny handmade biz + intentionally living a life I love.

anyway, thx for the listen and happy *happy* first Monday of the new year to you all :)

first post!

This here is my first post for on-the-lookout.com. I'd like it to be phenomenal act of storytelling, but really writing is not my forte, so I begin with the lesson that relatable verbal expression will take some time and practice.  I say that to also say, laking in that department shouldn't stop me from doin it and putting it out there, amright?

Anyway, currently in the depths of putting together a large wholesale order and needing nothing but a little visual inspo break, so that I can level up and get back to work. Here are a few items from my pin board that I've been drawn too. Circles, layered shapes, arcs and shades of off-white, dusty rose and deep emerald jungle green :