OTL is hiring!

POSITION - Jewelry Production Assistant

  • HRS - 5 to 8 hrs / week to start, 1 or 2 days a week.

  • PAY - $10-15 / hr, based on prior experience

  • START - asap!

Responsibilities + tasks :

  • Weekly face-to-face production work, as well as the opportunity for a flexible schedule : work from home and on your own time once you’ve mastered a task + technique

  • Bead stringing, jewelry component assemblage, chain and wire cutting, metal stamping and polishing on a repetitive, handmade production-scale

  • Proficient use of jewelry tools, such as pliers, scissors, hammer, saw, loom, torch, needles, etc.

  • Inventory management and organization

  • Social-media content and creative assistance

There are also tons of opportunities for growth at OTL :

  • Photo-shoot planning and managing

  • Content creation for our socials, website and blog

  • Jewelry design / development

  • Marketing research and implementation

  • Website development

  • Craft show sales (hourly + commission based)

  • Shipping and packaging

  • Branding + graphics

  • Bookkeeping

(If you have any of the skills listed above or an extra skill set not mentioned, please let us know what you love to do and how you think you can help this small business with your amazing expertise!)

Required qualifications :

  • Honest, organized, self-motivated

  • 1+ years of prior jewelry-making experience (assemblage and stringing) is preferred. We will absolutely help train and refine any jewelry-making skills you possess when hired

  • Metal-working experience is not required, but certainly appreciated

  • High attention to detail and a willingness to learn jewelry techniques and methods on a mass-handmaking scale.

  • Motivated to improve and master techniques

  • Work confidently, with extremely high production and safety standards

  • Ability to work quickly an in a low-key, creative, super friendly environment

  • Must be willing to complete a background check

  • Atlanta-based ... our meet ups will be primarily located in the Decatur + surrounds areas

  • Availability during the week (at least one, 3-5 hr shift / wk - MTWTF and some weekend days as needed

OTL Culture :

OTL is a very, very small, handmade business looking for a friendly, optimistic and creative thinker. Must enjoy repetitive tasks and handy work, problem-solving and working collaboratively with current owner / maker, Erica. There is absolutely no place for bigotry, sexism, classism, racism, ablism or homophobia within our company!  I am excited to meet you, in all of your uniqueness, to collaborate effectively, laugh a lot, develop our talents, grow this business + expand its reach and service - the possibilities are *literally* endless.

Read more about OTL here and check us out on Instagram.

Does this sound like you? If so, pls EMAIL your resume and cover letter to hello@on-the-lookout.com!

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